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Robotics – NAVIO

Robotics – NAVIO

How do you benefit from The Avenue Hospital’s innovative knee surgery robot, the NAVIO Surgical System?

The Avenue Hospital leads the way in cutting edge medical technology with the innovative NAVIO Surgical System.

A hand-held robotic surgical device, the NAVIO assists your Orthopaedic Surgeon with pinpoint accuracy and real-time imaging during knee operations – its scope includes partial and total knee reconstructions.

Now available at The Avenue Hospital

The NAVIO Surgical System increases the scope of Orthopaedic surgeries that can be performed at The Avenue including:

  • Total knee reconstruction (or Total Knee Arthroplasty – TKA)
  • Partial knee replacement (or Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty – UKA)

If you are interested in the NAVIO Surgical System, and whether it is suitable for you, consult with your GP today.

As a patient, you may benefit from:

  • shorter surgery times
  • less pain
  • a more rapid recovery
  • improved knee mechanics post-surgery

The NAVIO mitigates the challenges of traditional methods of knee surgery, and simplifies the surgical process without the extra steps required with existing robotic-assisted technology. For instance, you don’t need a CT scan – the device maps your knee in real-time.

The NAVIO’s advanced computer program relays precise information about your knee to a robotic hand piece used by your surgeon during the operation. It’s a four-step process:

  1. A 3D model of your knee is first captured through direct surface mapping.
  2. Your surgeon virtually places the implant to predict postoperative joint laxity and ensure the course of action will have the desired outcome.
  3. The surgeon removes the damaged bone and cartilage of the knee, and adds implant using real-time imagery.
  4. The surgeon then evaluates the improved joint’s laxity through moving the leg, confirming successful alignment and placement.

As one of the main culprits of knee pain, there is no easy cure for osteoarthritis. In its advanced stages, with increased pain, surgery may be your best option. Discuss a partial or total knee replacement with your doctor.