The Avenue Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Media Releases

In response to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care October 2015 document – The Vital Signs 2015 (3rd version), The Avenue Hospital supports the three important questions that members of the public can ask about their health care:

  • Will my care be safe?
  • Will I get the right care?
  • Will I be a partner in my care?

The Avenue Hospital has many quality improvement strategies and projects in place to answer the above questions and encourages patient/carer feedback and suggestions to improve our service.

Examples of our strategies are:

  • Use of the National Inpatient Medication Chart for our patients
  • Use of a Medication Management Plan for reconciliation of medicines on admission, during admission and at discharge home or transfer to another facility
  • Use of a Clinical Alert Form to record allergies/adverse reactions of our patients
  • Participation in the National Hand Hygiene Initiative
  • Diligent tracking of all infections resulting in a low infection rate compared with national infection rates
  • Systems in place to help prevent resistance to antibiotics, collaborating with national initiatives
  • Strong focus on pressure injury and falls risk assessments of our patients
  • Strong focus on the patient/carer partnering in care – bedside nursing handover and use of patient communication boards
  • Advance Care Planning process in place
  • Open Disclosure policy in place
  • Patient/Carer escalation of care procedure in place.