The Avenue Hospital
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Work Experience

The Avenue Private Hospital aims to provide structured work experience for high school students to gain on the job experience in a selection of career areas in a hospital environment.

Work Experience students will NOT be accepted within Medical Services, Nursing Services (including Operating Theatres & Day Surgery) and only limited areas of Allied Health Services.

Placements are reserved for students from local high schools in year 10 or above.

Students will not be permitted to participate in the Work Experience program until the Hospital receives the relevant Work Experience Agreement Forms and proof of insurance cover for the student. Where a student is less than 18 years of age, written consent from the parent or guardian is required and this is obtained on the Work Experience Agreement Forms.

Students cannot be remunerated whilst participating in the Work Experience Placement Program.

Applying for a work experience placement

Any enquiries must be directed to the Staff Development Coordinator (SDC) via email.

The SDC, in consultation with Managers, will identify areas in the Hospital where work experience can be undertaken, available dates and numbers of places.

Successful applicants will be interviewed by the SDC and the Department Manager.

Students will be selected for work experience placements based on the following conditions:

  • Places available
  • Interview outcome,
  • Approval of the Department Manager, SDC & Director of Clinical Services (DCS)

Student selection for work experience placement is at the sole discretion of the SDC & DCS and reasons for non-selection will not be given.

If a student is selected, the SDC will send an email to the student and school advising that the work experience has been approved pending execution of the Work Experience Agreement Form and Terms and Conditions for Work Experience Placement by all parties.